Affordable Zero Energy Homes

2020 Housing Innovation Awards Winner

Being responsible about energy starts at home. EcoSun Homes makes it possible.

It’s finally possible to be green AND be affordable with EcoSun Homes. One of the greatest consumers of energy are the homes we live in. With a package of energy efficient features included in every EcoSun Home, which includes solar panels on the roof, you can be part of the revolution.

Key Facts

Affordable zero energy smart homes that are thoughtfully designed and equipped with premium finishes.

Net Zero Homes

A HERS Index Score of 0 or less means that under normal usage, your home is producing as much energy as you consume. In some cases, your EcoSun home is producing so much energy that you're able to push it back to the grid, where applicable.

The EcoSun Advantage

While others may charge extensively for granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, EcoSun offers a beautiful, modern home with smart ready features. In addition to all of our energy efficient features, that makes for an unbeatable combination.

Flexible Financing

It’s never been a better time to be eco-conscious. EcoSun Homes offers a variety of financing options to make attaining your new zero energy home as easy and convenient as possible. Our lending partners will present the best options to fit your needs.

2020 Housing Innovation Awards

WINNER: Honorable Mention

Over the last 7 years, the Department of Energy’s Housing Innovation Awards has honored forward-thinking homebuilders for their innovative approach to homebuilding. The 2020 HIA ceremony was held September 29 – October 9, where EcoSun Homes was recognized with an Honorable Mention, making us the highest producer of Zero Energy Ready Homes in Florida.

We are extremely grateful for this acknowledgement and proud of the dedication and hard work of our team members spread across the Sunshine State. This achievement would not have been possible without each and every one of you. Our unwavering 100% commitment to building Zero Energy Ready Homes remains steadfast.

DOE - Zero Energy Ready Home: Results

Relax in the Greenest Home on the Market

Become a Part of the Solution

Take pride in knowing you’re making a difference, from the comfort of your own home. Take pride in knowing that you are saving $10,000s in utility costs, creating generational wealth for your family, and simultaneously saving the planet by reducing your carbon footprint.

If your average energy bill is approximately $140 – $150 per month, your home could be emitting almost 20,000 pounds of CO2. To put that into perspective, imagine a football field with a ballon above it filled to a perfect diameter. That’s 10 tons of CO2 and the equivalent of a homes annual output. Not only are you saving $1,700 – $1,800 per year (that’s $70K – $80K in 30 years), you’re also saving the planet.

Join Us in Creating a More Sustainable Future