Energy Efficiency

Saving the Planet with Net-Zero Homes

EcoSun - Energy Efficiency: Save Money While You Help Save the Planet

Your EcoSun home takes advantage of the latest innovations in energy-efficient technology to lower both your monthly expenses and your carbon footprint. Save around $200/month while embracing your brighter future: EcoSun Living. Low-E windows, foam insulation, and energy star appliances keep your energy efficiency high and your utility bills low.

Energy Efficiency Homes

Our goal is to build sustainable homes for the future with the capacity to save homebuyers thousands of dollars per year. Energy-efficiency features provide monthly electric savings. Every affordable eco-friendly smart home includes a lifetime of savings. The energy-savings you’ll experience from your EcoSun Home will brighten your days. It’s time to live more and pay less.

Main Standard Feature

Solar Panel System. A solar panel system is installed on the roof of your home, taking advantage of Florida’s year-round sunshine. The perks of having a solar panel system are:

  • Renewable Energy

    Clean, eco-friendly energy is the future!

  • Tax Credits

    Solar panels provide federal tax credtis.

  • Energy Savings

    Lower your carbon footprint and your monthly expenses.

Secondary Standard Features

  • 16 SEER A/C Unit

    A high seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) A/C System helps reduce energy consumption and lowers your energy bill.

  • Low-E Glass Windows

    High energy-efficient windows block the summer’s UV rays. Low-E glass keeps you warm in winter and cooler during hot summer months.

  • Foam Insulation

    The air-tight seal helps to keep your home 2 degrees cooler during warmer months and 2 degrees warmer during the cold morning chill. Providing comfort and reducing energy expenses.

  • Hybrid Water Heater

    Hybrid water heaters provide more readily available hot water while using less energy to deliver it for even more savings.

  • LED Lighting System

    LED lights are better than the traditional fluorescent or incandescent bulbs.

  • Low-Flow Fixtures

    Significant water conservation without sacrificing pressure and performance.

Embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle by purchasing a home that saves you money. By providing flexible and affordable financing, EcoSun Homes makes eco-friendly and high-efficiency living into a reality for everyone.