Renewable Energy

Live your life and be part of the green revolution

EcoSun - Renewable Energy

Solar panels are an effective future-forward solution to reduce carbon footprint. Renewable energy comes with significant benefits like little-to-no utility costs with your state-of-the-art rooftop solar panel system.

The Future is Ours to Take

To help embrace the environment-first culture, EcoSun Homes’s Eco-Friendly Home Design has prioritized the following:

Life Quality Improvement

The benefits of renewable energy directly reflect our quality of life. The use of renewable energy benefits us in economic and health aspects. At the same time, we’re reducing pollution in our ecosystem. Here is how the life quality of our homeowners improves when living in our EcoSun Eco-Friendly homes:

  • Comfort

    Affordable and high-quality EcoSun homes keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The distress about high energy bills is long gone.

  • Reducing Pollution

    Using renewable energy is a step forward to better access clean resources like water and air.


To get access to renewable sources of energy like solar power, it needs to be affordable. A tight budget is the main barrier for people stopping to acquire clean energy. Here is how EcoSun makes sustainable and affordable homes a possibility for everyone:

  • Flexible Financing

    EcoSun required household income is only $40,000 per year, making it affordable for the working class.

  • VA Loans

    Veterans deserve access to eco-friendly, quality homes, and VA loans make it possible.

  • Rent-to-Buy

    The program focuses on “If you can pay rent you can buy a home” philosophy. It’s allowing those with credit trouble a chance to own an EcoSun Home.


To be able to help diminish the pollution damages to the environment is a rewarding benefit. EcoSun homeowners can also benefit from economic aspects like:

  • Tax Deduction

    You can deduce your federal taxes from using renewable solar energy.

  • Utility Costs

    From little-to-non-existent utility costs, homeowners can save around $200 per month!

Making the American Dream of homeownership a reality, EcoSun Homes’s vision brings a bright future for everyone willing to embrace the benefits of sustainable homes. For further information about our Eco-friendly Affordable Homes, please contact us today!