Smart Home Automation

Using technology to promote a higher quality of life

EcoSun  -  Smart Home Automation

EcoSun Smart Home design improves the comfort and the energy efficiency performance of your home. Smart Home Automation allows families to leverage top technology to control the lights, security, and thermostat of their home from the palm of their hand. EcoSun Smart Home Automation system is simple and convenient to use for anyone, including older adults and people with disabilities.

IFTTT Smart Home Automation

If This Then That (IFTTT), is a free app designed to help you with the automation of the Smart Home devices. IFTTT app is compatible with the EcoSun Smart Home devices, allowing you to easily set-up and establish your home preferences.

Smart Home Devices

All-In-One Device: Smart Home Tablet

From the moment you arrive to the moment you have to leave, this tablet device takes care of your home by automatically controlling settings like:

  • Phone Authentication

    The Smart Home Tablet connects to your phone to recognize you. Phone Authentication allows the system to prepare and set your preferred home settings upon your arrival or by the time you have to head out.

  • Lighting Control System

    Allows you to control the lighting of any room in the house. Indicates if the lights are turned on or off, or the brightness intensity of each.

  • Thermostat Temperature

    With the tablet, you can set your preferred temperature of any room of your EcoSun home.

  • Home Security

    Locks doors automatically when you go outside. When you leave home, for your safety, it sets the locks and automatically closes garage doors.

  • Garage Openers

    Conveniently allows us to close/open the garage from the tablet device.

  • Smart Doorbell System

    The Smart Doorbell features allow you to instantly access your front door camera. This ensures you are able to monitor, welcome or unwelcome visitors as an added measure of security and convenience.

Individual Devices

To manage your smart-home settings in an easy and practical way, EcoSun provides the following individual devices:

  • Smart Home Thermostat

    Control your home thermostat by using your smartphone. It doesn’t require a Wi-Fi connection. The thermostat helps to maintain a stable temperature throughout the day, keeping the perfect ambiance for your arrival.

  • Smart Home Light Dimmer

    With wireless controls, set the lighting of your house from any room. You can also set schedules and change dim lights preferences.

  • Smart Home Door Lock

    Lock/unlock doors with the use of your smartphone. Codes are provided to enter instead of keys. For your safety, it includes a built-in alarm to sense possible treats.

  • Smart Home Doorbell Camera

    Monitor visitors and package deliveries at your door with a pre-installed doorbell camera at your front door for both added security and convenience.

EcoSun implements top technology to improve your comfort. For further information about our EcoSun Smart Homes, please contact us today! The future is bright!