Water Conservation

Less wasted water for less wasted dollars

EcoSun - Take Advantage of Sustainable Water

Being a homeowner of an environmentally sustainable home goes beyond the use of clean energy. EcoSun Eco-friendly homes are thoughtfully designed to improve the homeowner relationship with water management: conservation and consumption.

Water Conservation

Water is a vital natural resource for all of us. For water conservation, EcoSun Homes’s designs sees it as a priority to enable water consumption in an efficient and sustainable manner.

EcoSun Water Conservation Principles

  • Regulate water flow while satisfying the water consumption for our daily activities.

  • Provide and minimize the use of energy when it comes to water management.

  • Avoid unnecessary water waste. Looking toward future were freshwater remains available for everyone.

How does EcoSun Homes Help with Water Conservation?

Your EcoSun home takes advantage of the latest advancements in water-saving technology. All EcoSun Homes water fixtures have achieved the EPA standard of excellence in water efficiency, helping you save money while keeping the planet green. Here is how the EcoSun home design enables sustainable water management:

  • High-Quality Fixtures

    By regulating water flow without sacrificing performance, homeowners are able to reduce their water consumption and save money on their water bills.

  • Smart Home Automation

    Your smart systems can even let you know if you have a potential water leak.

  • Hybrid Water Heater

    Take advantage of more hot water when you need it while drastically reducing your energy consumption.

  • Well System

    Naturally filtered and nutrient-filled water pumped directly from the source below your home that’s healthy/safe to drink and gentle on skin during baths and showers.

The home design features mentioned above are all included in the EcoSun Homes affordable home-base package.

We understand the importance of water conservation for our future. For EcoSun Homes, being sustainable should not be an additional cost. We are the future, and we can only achieve sustainability when we make it accessible to everyone. The future is bright! Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any concerns or to receive further information.