Energy Saving Features

The advantages of living in a high-quality, eco-friendly, smart home.

Easy Living with EcoSun Homes

Make Your Home Work For You!

Your affordable, high-quality smart home is designed to make your new EcoSun Lifestyle as smooth and effortless as possible. Take a look at the features you can expect to come standard in your new EcoSun home.

  • Smart Technology

    Technology is changing fast, and your modern EcoSun home won’t be left behind. Your easy-to-use smart home provides a variety of features to fit your needs. Using your smartphone or tablet – you’ll always know what is happening with your home. Is the A/C running? Did you leave the stove on? Your Smart Home will let you know and allow you to turn them off wherever you are. Your smart systems can even let you know if you have a water leak. Set a schedule – door locked at 10 p.m., or even automate the lights so it looks like your home is occupied no matter where you are. You’re safer because your home is smarter!

  • Solar Panels

    You’ll love the sun more than ever because now it’s working for you. Solar panels on the roof capture the sun’s energy and use it to power your all-electric home. Your EcoSun solar power system supplies 5 to 10+ kW of power, supporting your normal lifestyle and all your electrical needs. You can even charge an electric vehicle. A cloudy day? No problem. Our hybrid design keeps your power consistent regardless of the weather outside. Using solar power means that you can power your life while reducing your expenses, instead of creating pollution. Take pride in knowing that next time you enjoy a day in the sun out on your backyard lanai, your home is turning that beautiful sunlight into more money in your pocket

  • Exhaust Fan

    EcoSun’s automatic garage exhaust fan that keeps the fumes from the cooling engine of your car out of your home, ensuring your indoor air is pure, clean and healthy.

  • Water

    Your EcoSun home is designed to meet or exceed the EPA’s standard of excellence for water efficiency. Less water consumption means lower utilities and less impact on the environment.

  • Kitchen

    Enjoy your gourmet kitchen with beautiful granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and upgraded designer cabinets. At the heart of the room is a generous island that everyone will want to gather around. As EcoSun homes are engineered with a careful selection of quality materials, we ensure your cabinets and paint won’t off-gas formaldehyde or other irritants. At EcoSun, superior quality comes standard.

  • Insulation System

    Leave the heat and pollution outside with a well-insulated home that uses the latest building science. You’ll be more comfortable, breathe easier and benefit from lower utility bills all year-round. Keep cool on the hottest day and stay cozy on the coldest night. Low-E windows help reduce UV light which can fade and damage your belongings. Your home’s insulation system doesn’t just keep the heat and air pollution at bay – it also reduces noise pollution. Relax and enjoy the quiet!