• Lisa and Frank K. Employee

    I would like to share the wonderful experience it has been to watch my EcoSun Home being built from ground up. When I first saw the advertisement about this home, it said eco-friendly and hardly any cost or out of pocket expenses. I thought what’s the catch! Well I am here to say there is no catch. I am a proud owner of a newly built EcoSun Home.

    My husband and I would go and check weekly (or a couple of times of week) to see how this amazing home was being built. Jay and Rebecca were our main contacts for information and any questions we needed to ask. Jay led the construction of our beautiful new home. Rebecca guided us through our home style; colors and cabinets. Helping to guide you through the process from beginning to end. Even now while we are in our new home. They both work wonderfully together answering questions and getting the job done correctly. The updates given were very informative and if we did not understand, they took the necessary to explain until we were satisfied. Even on the weekends! The kindness shown to answer questions was no problem. Rebecca could have a day off and still call you and try to get answer for you if she did not know it.

    We have been in our new amazing home for about 7 weeks now. The insulation keeps the home cool or warm like it’s supposed. The air condition has hardly turned on. When the cable guy came to install internet he said this house is a well-insulated and very well built. The master bedroom, closet and bathroom is wonderful and very spacious. In the kitchen, I love the fact that I can clean up after cooking dinner and still be connected with my family and watch TV. The sink is built into the island which faces towards the great room. The open space really tops the house off. The other 2 bedrooms are a nice size with built In closest.

    The outside of our home came with landscaping which was tastefully done. The sprinkler system has nurtured my lawn to perfection. We just had the first cut done on the lawn. We have received so many compliments and people being amazed and very interested in the fact our house is maintained by solar energy. We have well water and with the system that is set up with our home you don’t even know it’s well water. NO FOUL SMELL!

    My husband and I love everything about our new home. Oh and to top it off Jay and Rebecca still take care of whatever is needed fast and efficiently. The two of them work wonderfully together. We have never had a brand new home and being in our 50’s, I can say what a wonderful choice we have made.

    I have allowed future homebuyers to come tour my house so they can see the quality of work that is done. Thank you EcoSun Homes for my forever home!

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