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About Poinciana

Located in Central Florida just to the southwest of Kissimmee, Poinciana is a little-known natural treasure tucked away in the heart of the state. Featuring a large, beautiful nature reserve and several nearby lakes, life in Poinciana includes an intimate connection with the outdoors. Plentiful trails, amazing fishing, and splendid natural wildlife make this small town a nature lover’s fantasy. Your new Poinciana home provides you a serene atmosphere of relaxation after a day spent exploring all that nature has to offer. Conveniently located just to the southeast of Orlando, Poinciana is a rapid developing area that offers its residents an unbeatable mix of gorgeous natural landscapes and a serene suburban lifestyle

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  • 10 Beaches
  • 15 Fishing/Boating
  • 05 Parks
  • 06 Schools
  • 05 Attractions
  • 06 Shopping
  • 03 Airports
  • 05 Healthcare
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  • The largest unincorporated master-planned community in the United States
  • One of the fastest growth areas for Central Florida in recent years
  • Prime area for local transit commuters
  • Just a short drive from Central Florida’s most buzzworthy attractions
  • Popular Retirement Destination
  • Recreational Trails
Best Places to Live in Poinciana, Florida

Poinciana is a popular destination for retirement. It has affordable housing, which is even better with your home from EcoSun Homes. Poinciana is a growing city with a masterfully-planned community. It understands the power of unity and teamwork. Along with the perks of a suburban lifestyle, residents get to experience the best of nature. Poinciana is home to many beautiful recreational trails and beaches. Its convenient location allows access to popular attractions like Disneyland in Orlando. Poinciana is the perfect place to enjoy a tranquil life near beautiful landscapes, don’t miss out on it.

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